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Hi. I am an experienced counsellor / CBT therapist and currently practice privately and also provide counselling for a leading Employee Assistance Programme. I’m glad you have found this site and I hope I can answer some of the questions you may have about counselling and the therapy process.

It’s normal to have mental health issues!

Research shows that more of us are struggling with mental health than ever before, with 1 in 4 of us expected to suffer from a mental health issue this year. It isn’t easy to admit to ourselves that we are struggling, but taking this step could be the first step in your path to a more balanced life without the intense feelings you have struggled with.

Talking about our problems isn’t always easy. It can help us get some of the burden off our shoulders by sharing our issues with someone we trust. This is easier when we know we are in a safe, confidential environment where no-one will judge or criticise us, and this is the atmosphere I provide for you. I’m often told my strength is my warm voice, and gentle genuine empathic nature and this seems to help people relax easily in my company and enhances our therapeutic process.

Usually we seek therapy because we don’t like the feelings we have – sad, anxious, scared etc. These feelings often cause us to have negative thoughts about ourselves, others or the world in general. The negative thoughts usually lead to changes in our behaviour such as avoiding anxiety provoking situations, or losing interest in our hobbies or social life. These changes in behaviour then lead to more unpleasant feelings and keeps the negative cycle going, making it more and more difficult to break out of. This is where CBT helps, as we explore our negative thoughts and begin to make small changes to our behaviour and improve how we feel.

The pace of therapy is always set by you, as you are the expert in yourself!

We will move at your pace, taking one step at a time, so that you feel comfortable at each step along the way. We will explore what you would like to be doing in different situations, and gradually progressing towards this, so that you feel better about yourself, and live life the way you want to.

My goal is to help you to become your own therapist, so that what you gain through your experience of therapy can be maintained by you, and you can cope better with the bumps along the road in your journey.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and in order to ensure clients safety, I now offer clients therapy by telephone or online using Zoom software.

Common difficulties that I work with include:

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