Childhood Sexual Abuse

It is never a child’s fault when they have been sexually abused.

Often victims of childhood sexual abuse suffer from many of the symptoms of PTSD such as distressing memories, flashbacks and nightmares, difficulty concentrating, hypervigilence, sleep problems, feeling irritable and angry, self-destructive behaviour, avoidance of reminders of the abuse, and negative beliefs about yourself. You may also suffer from a feeling of shame because of what happened to you, the secrecy and fear surrounding it, and the fear that no one would believe that the abuser would do that to you.

Even after all this time part of us can still be suffering.

crying boy

I will help you to create a safe space for yourself; that you can turn to when you need comfort; somewhere that is warm, secure, and full of good memories and can give you peace when you need it. We can work on reducing your distressing symptoms and helping you to love yourself again so that you can begin to achieve your goals.


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