Social Anxiety

If you feel very anxious at the prospect of attending social situations where you will meet new people, going to a party, attending a course, eating in public or talking to the opposite sex; or if you avoid social situations unless you absolutely have no choice, then you may be suffering from social anxiety.

Social anxiety is the most common of anxiety problems with 1 in 8 people being affected. You may want to be invisible in some situations or hope that no one asks you a question when on a course.  This can be very debilitating and often leads to low mood and despair when you believe there is nothing you can do about it.

It’s scary, but you can thrive once you come out of the shadows.


The good news is that using CBT techniques I can help you to challenge your negative thoughts about yourself or others, and help you to have a more balanced view of yourself and social situations. Together we will begin to challenge your fears one step at a time so that your confidence grows gradually based on what you have learned about yourself, giving you the confidence to take the next step towards your goal. In this way you will be able to overcome your fears and enjoy the social side of your life.


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